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10 out-of-the-box romantic ideas for you and yours… you’re welcome.

It’s that time of year, people. “Roses are red” vibes. In fact, everything is red. In every shop. Everywhere.

Valentine’s is the name and exclusivity is the game. You and yours. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a valentine, I have options for you as well.

Disclaimer: neither my wife nor I go big on Valentine’s Day. In fact, before I met her, Cupid’s arrow was pretty much smoked by my bazooka. Let’s just say that I’ve softened. (But not by much.)

Let’s start with those of you who are hitched…

Option 1: Go Kart Racing.

What could be better than flying around a race track seeing who is the better driver? Think Mission: Impossible 2

via Gfycat

Option 2: Test-Drive Some Cars

I mean, while you’re at it… they’re free to drive, so pick some beauties out and cruise!

Or better yet, Option 3 is those dodgem car rides that you get at fun fairs – you know, the ones where you actually must crash into each other? Seriously physical, seriously romantic. This was my wife and 7 years ago:

Option 4: Paintball.

If driving doesn’t do it for you and you really want to test the strength of your relationship, paintball (or Splat as it’s sometimes known) could be a good measurement. You can live out your Mr & Mrs Smith fantasies.


Option 5: Get Physical

You could watch karate videos And learn some basic moves – this might lead to some really romantic sparring!

Option 6: Skydiving

I asked Tam the other day what her ideal Valentine’s gift entailed. “Oh I don’t know,” she replied.

“How about skydiving?” I asked.

She looked up immediately with a bit of a twinkle in her eye. (I’m thinking of taking my ukulele along and serenading her with I can’t help falling in love with you as we plummet back down to earth.)

Option 7: Quiz

Quiz each other about each other… come up with quiz questions and see how well you know one another.

Option 8: Make Waffles

Nothing’s better on a cold night than fresh-made waffles.

Option 9: Play Wii

It’s simple, but it’s always a fun time.

Option 10: Watch Michael McIntyre together

Guarenteed laughs… see below.

So what if you are not hooked up? Google ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’.

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