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Rock month ain’t any easier

So after blogging for two weeks on my Patreon page, I have decided to continue the storytelling saga of my Rock month here on my own website. Now in week three, my alarm went off at 3.35am and I departed for what Strava calls a “Night Run” at 3.52am. I suppose it’s not wrong… it just feels wrong to be called that. Mind you, it is pretty damn early.

By this stage, I would have thought that it gets easier. It doesn’t. It’s still freezing cold in the morning and yes, I am nuts. All in the name of “discipline”.

Chest workout followed my early morning kick start, and I spent the better part of 45 minutes clanging and banging in my iron shack (not paradise, like the Rock has). One thing that it does do, is makes you feel superior before you start your day.

The gigs continue to roll in and I also have some animation work which is now making it’s way into my diary, which I’m excited about. The animation for my solo show with the Great Deep is no doubt going to be a bit of a monumental mountain to climb… but we all know it’s best done one step at a time, which is what I started over the weekend after completing the draft of the script.

Sketches for storyboard ideas…

Tomorrow morning is leg day, so best I get some rest.

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