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Recording the new album

OKAY, so this is somewhat ambitious. But here is the idea: we’re looking to record parts of the songs that will make up The Great Deep at the house concerts this year.

So there are a number of options we have in store.

Gang vocals. This is essentially when a bunch of people sing or chant or lyrics to one of the new songs at a house concert. This could be a chorus, bridge, or a special section of the song. We’re looking to record this album in places like your lounge or garden.

Percussion. We’re thinking this could be mayhem, or it could be awesome. The house concert crowd grabs something that makes a percussive sound and the whole house joins in on part of a song or three… playing beats on tables, coffee cups, with tree branches, etc.

39561_10150323705635438_575615437_15693363_4885930_nA special guest performance. Many of you connected to the RCB are great musicians. Singers, guitarists, violinists, keyboardists, drummers, saxophonists, trumpeters,… the list goes on! If you play an instrument, why not get involved?

And of course, this is not only limited to audio. We’re looking for video recording ideas. Photo recording ideas. Drawings. Paintings. Any media form, we’re interested in.

And of course, we’re open to ideas. Can any of you think of anything else? Post it in the comments section below. Or better yet, help us by spreading the word and using (clicking on) the social media icons below.

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