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Reasons to go to Live Music Concerts

Seeing your favourite band, artist or DJ can be a life-changing and exhilarating experience. On the one hand, sitting at home listening to a Spotify compilation or watching videos can improve your emotional state to a degree, but being in the crowd at a music venue, or in the throes of humanity in a stadium, or detached from the real world on an underground dance floor… these are the moments which take things to whole’nother level.

However, the benefits of going to a live music event aren’t only about letting your hair down and having fun (although that’s obviously a considerable part of it). There are, believe it or not, more benefits to your overall well-being.

Here are just some of them…

Sweating audience.

Dance your ass off
Generally speaking, you don’t enjoy a big music event standing or sitting still. (Unless you’re that cynical journalist-type backstage.) While there may be the odd break here or there, you’re basically on your feet, jumping around, swaying to the beat and just letting yourself be free. The benefit? Scorching those calories, of course! Attending a live music concert is great exercise! In fact, high-energy shows will reportedly have people who dance and jump around losing around 400 calories an hour!

Like taking a chill pill
One of the biggest and most notable benefits of going to a live music concert is that it provides stress reduction, something we could all do with a little bit more of. Scientifically speaking, musical performances decrease the release of cortisol (a chemical known as the stress hormone).

Listening to music

Additionally, if you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, a live music concert with the lights, the energy, the classic rock sound of the guitars, the people and the atmosphere is a great way to boost your happiness and put a smile on your face! This is because of the release of endorphins and dopamine, which additionally block pain in the body.

Better Together
If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ll know the sense of togetherness you get from the rest of the crowd. Every single one is there for the same reason, and when the crowd erupts for the artist or a favorite song, it’s a sense of community you won’t get anywhere else.

Overall Health Superiority
One study carried out by Deakin University in Australia found that people who attended regular music concerts have an improved sense of mental well-being and are happier in their everyday lives that people who don’t attend them regularly. The communal aspect of music enjoyment was the integral part, as regularly listening to music alone was not found to have the same levels of positive effect on wellbeing.

Bargains locally
Of course, you could easily go for a night out in the town, hit up a club or go away to another country on vacation, but these can get extremely expensive. While some festival tickets or concerts for huge performances can be expensive, the majority of live music events in your hometown will be significantly less, making it a great way to get outside and create some beautiful memories without having to break the bank.

Social ticket
When you’re in a concert, you’re potentially surrounded by many other people who already have a similar interest as you. So, when it comes to meeting new people and starting a conversation, the hard work has already been done! Music is renowned for bringing in feelings of unity and compassion, so what better way to enjoy it than sharing and being with like-minded people!

An Escape from Everyday Life
Getting up and doing the same thing day in, day out, such as going to work and getting the shopping, etc., can be a drain. Attending a live music event is a great way to take a break from the mundaneness of daily life and to let your hair down for some fun.

Remembering a concert

Experiences rather than possessions
Science has what is known as “the Nostalgia Effect”. It is the act of reminiscing enjoyable memories from your past which becomes more and more enjoyable every time you think back to them. Physical and materialistic items tend to get “old” quicker, whereas experiences become better and better. Experiences like live music concerts may also gain new meaning with age.

So… what are you waiting for?

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