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Reasons for music, shows, and related decisions

Music is brilliant at conveying a `feeling’,  creating an atmosphere. It can shape your perception in a powerful way. Imagine a movie without a soundtrack – it just wouldn’t be the same. As a lover of music I continually find myself reminded of the ability that the right kind of music has to put ones thoughts and emotions into perspective. Our recent series of shows at the Hexagon was one of those reminders.

After Saturday night’s show, an RCB fan tweeted:

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This kind of response is just so rewarding for us as a band. We strive to make music that leaves the listener with “a spring in their step”. And in so doing, we come away feeling the same. I like to think of The RCB as ‘self-medicating’ in some sense. We hope our music takes on special significance for you as we share it with you but ultimately it serves us too. We all need to be encouraged, to be reminded that the best is yet to come. This was the topic of one of my recent posts on Tumblr.

I too came away from our shows rejuvenated and encouraged. I think there were a few reasons – the nature of our music itself, positive feedback after the shows, interactions with different people who came, and of course the fact that I just love making music and being a part of this band. Three shows was not enough for me – I didn’t want it to end. So when Ryan suggested on Sunday that I delay my flight back to Cape Town by a week in order to stay for the bands gig in Durban the following Friday I decided to give it some serious thought.

Hexagon Dive June 2011
Hexagon Dive June 2011

A full days consideration led me to the conclusion that there were multiple reasons I should stick with my Monday flight back to Cape Town and they far outnumbered my reasons to stay for the gig. My head told me the sensible decision was to leave as planned, but my heart was pulling me in the opposite direction. It took a lot of wrestling, but I eventually went with my heart and decided to stay, and I had peace with my decision, despite my doubts.

As it turned out, Friday’s gig in Durban had to be postponed due to a number of cancelled table bookings on account of the weather. Disappointing, because we would have loved to play, but I still know I made the right decision. At the time it felt like I was making a sacrifice, but it turned out well for me in a lot of ways, and I feel I learned more of my own passion in the process.

We still believe ‘the best is yet to come‘. It’s just one of the reasons, but nevertheless a big part of why we do what we do. It can be really tough to get people to come out to your shows, and even though the effects of the recession are still around and the shows weren’t completely sold out, performing to attentive and appreciative audiences in PMB was a wonderful privilege for us, and not something we take for granted. Every person is important, and we hope you were uplifted by our music. Thank you to all of you who were there!

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