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Promoting music online – share the love

You in a band? Solo artist? Here’s something the RCB thinks is seriously cool, and fits in with our ethos of spreading the love. It’s called

Check out the video:

We think this is the way forward for SA bands. South Africa and in particular the SA music business is starting to grow it’s online profile on the global stage (heck, the Samas were broadcast LIVE ONLINE this year!) and it’s a good time to work together to take things even further.

We like the idea of promoting each other. There are heaps of bands out there which the RCB really respects – bands which are awesome, have a great vibe and deliver great music. Here’s a way that bands can promote each other to their own respective fanbases. So we can all gain new fans and widen the online footprint of South African music!

To any South African musicians/artists/bands reading this – if you haven’t yet signed up for click here to get in on the action.

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