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Productivity continues…

Arms and abs today. Biceps and triceps and crunches and general massacre of muscle fibres. The good thing about getting all the hard stuff done first thing in the morning is that breakfast always tastes amazing afterwards!

Productivity continues – I have animation work coming in as well as more wedding gigs (for which I am deeply grateful) and I am churning out scripts and audio editing like there’s no tomorrow for what is proving to be an epic third quarter. My diary is jammed.

Another very exciting development that is ongoing is this:

KZN Costume Hire
Need to dress up?

Thanks to my friend Paul Russell, I now have a logo for my business! I have been working on the website and sorting through images thanks to my other friend Sarah Thomson (SL Photography), who endured a crazy nutcase photoshoot here the other day.

I must say, Rock month has been challenging but quite invigorating. Despite munching copious amounts of calories, I have neither gained nor lost weight. It’s hard to see much difference physically but I notice it in my daily work rate and activity… it’s unparallelled. In order to cope in this third quarter, this is life as I know it. Off to bed now, because the alarm goes off at the same time tomorrow.

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