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Planning for the Hexagon Theatre

We had a meeting on Saturday. It was scheduled for 8am. Yes, yes, I know, that’s not very rock ‘n roll. I even baked muffins. Seriously. Burnt them a bit, but insisted that on principle the rest of the band eat them. They politely, if uncomfortably, consumed my first attempt at chocolate muffins.

By 8.40am, we’re ready to begin. In attendance are Rudi, Roberto, Rachel Grace and yours truly. Apologies from Tam, who has work commitments, while Jon, we assume, is still slumbering in CT.

On the agenda for this meeting is what we’re gonna sing at the Hexagon Theatre next week. I hand out the proposed setlist. Rudi is happy to see that we have two acts and substantially more songs than yesteryear’s hour-long Better Days Show, while Berto scrutinizes the order of old, new and cover songs. Rachel, in the meantime, is showing off her colouring book to Rudi and crumbling muffins all over the carpet.

The meeting is brief, but never short, as we gab about everything else other than the task ahead, from advances in technology (such as Project Natal) to work-related stresses and headaches. The RCB get-togethers are a strange mix of group therapy and random banter, but for me it’s refreshing hanging around these hooligans.

But there’s a definite plan, and this is going to be one hot new run of shows from the RCB. Next week’s shows will encompass new songs (from On The Edge), old songs (from Better Days) as well as a number of favourites of ours from the likes of Cole Porter, Ben E. King and Chuck Berry. Yes kids, we’re old school. Even Rachel.

We are very ambitious with this new show, and there are just three nights to catch the fun. Hope to see you there.

Trailer: The Ryan Calder Band at the Hexagon Theatre

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2 thoughts on “Planning for the Hexagon Theatre

  1. Preparation is underway for our upcoming shows at the Hexagon. Check out the new blog entry –

    1. RT @TheRCB: Preparation is underway for our upcoming shows at the Hexagon. Check out the new blog entry –

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