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Parenthood: The rockstar life

So there we were, Saturday night, 11pm… my missus and I… staring blankly at the mixer.

The birthday cake for our two-year-old daughter had just come out the oven and was cooling on the counter. The day began at 5.15am (our kids don’t quite understand why that’s illegal) and we haven’t stopped since then. Ah, parenthood.

The hypnotic effect of the butter icing swirling around in the mixing bowl was enough to begin my philosophical departure: what was life like before the birth of our kids?

I honestly can’t remember. My life was probably really pathetic. Back then, if I could remember, we  probably did whatever the hecky we wanted to. Not being a parent meant spontaneous decisions, meal times whenever we wanted to eat, weekend sleep-ins… it was all on the cards. We could fill our time with our own endeavours. We could sleep as much as we wanted, we could watch TV for hours, we could visit Durban beach on a week night, we could…

Like I said: pathetic.

Our life is very different now. The band continues on and will continue on, but rock ‘n roll has got nothing on parenthood. You can argue all you want with me, but nothing requires more robustness, more hardcore all-round ability, than parenting. It’s true. Ain’t no ‘hood like the parenthood – an area made up of the most hardcore, rockstar human beings around. Keith Richards… pathetic. Moms and dads… rockstars.

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My wife snaps me out of my meanderings and hands me a whisk to speed up the process.

Our rockstar Rachel wants a “pink cake with ballies”, so here we are, whipping it all together.

The next day, the ballies (Astros) go on the cake.

A proudly South African birthday meal...

Her birthday party is a great success, she is spoilt rotten with presents and we are blessed with an awesome, rockstar group of friends who travel out en masse to celebrate at Albert Falls for the lunch-time party.

Loads of children running around, babies in arms getting passed around, three generations of family and friends altogether around the braai

This is the life, and I’m in my element.

I know I’m biased, but I think this little girl is awesome. I thought I’d just share that, and a couple of pics from the day. Two years ago, parenthood started me on a journey which has still only just begun, but there is no way I would go back. Never. This is the rockstar life.

Ain't nothing like a load of open space...
"My happy birthday party!"
Happiness is...
Blowing out the candles...


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3 thoughts on “Parenthood: The rockstar life

  1. You guys are TOO awesome.

  2. I love it! Loving Every Day!

  3. She really is a beautiful little girl, and the happiness that radiates from her is thanks to you as parents!! Good job! Nothing worth while is easy, and that goes for parenthood. This too shall pass and you'll long for the days of cuddling little bodies… Enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

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