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No sleep-in, cooking and John Ellis

The highly anticipated sleep-in this morning, after four straight weeks of Rock month, was a let down. For one, our younger two kids were awake and highly wriggly before sunrise (why is it never on a school morning??) and for two – I am slowly realising that I am just not allowed to be selfish and expect to be left alone. Ever. (That’s a hard thing to come to terms with.)

Anyway, it took me a full hour but I soon distracted myself with the busyness of the day: we had two visitors to the costume hire business this today and I managed to cook and prepare my weekly quota of meals. I also managed to sort out a Lego storage for my son (I am building him a handy desk to build on) with these stackable plastic drawers and also sourced a reasonable quote on getting my wife’s phone fixed.

Later this afternoon I also cooked dinner and then Tam and I went out for dinner with our mate Paul to listen to John Ellis at Artisan… where the unparalleled Leandra was letting us in on the secret gems of her new Gelato ice cream. What a delightful evening it turned out to be, and we sat around catching up with John for ages. As a result, it is way past my bed time.

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