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Life happens, but shoot for it anyway

You have all these grand plans, like committing to a hectic exercise and eating programme for a month like The Rock, and then life happens.

At 1am, our beloved labrador took it upon himself to bark incessantly at shadows for two whole hours. I had humour failure several times, shouting out the window at him. The result was that I am behind on sleep, which today wasn’t helpful. I worked a full 13-hour day after morning cardio and leg day. But I did it. Just saying.

So, on the second-to-last day of Rock month, I have been thinking about how to proceed with online content. I won’t be posting daily blogs, but rather working on weekly content which I think will be of more value. In other words, quality over quantity. So podcasts, behind-the-scenes vlogs and working on the songs themselves and the Great Deep show. (If you have any requests in this regard, post them in the comments section.)

In the words of Mel Gibson in The Patriot, “What did I teach you boys about shooting?”

Boys: “Aim small – miss small.”

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