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Kindness, kids and tomorrow I need to cook

Today is Mandela Day in South Africa. It marks the former president’s birthday and a national drive to give 67 minutes of your time to someone or something else.

This week at St Charles College I got to goof around with the junior primary boys in assembly. They were talking about the Kindness Can Challenge. As a way to demonstrate acts of kindness the boys acted out scenarios to show how it’s possible to be kind to each other using not only gifts but also words of encouragement, gestures of affection and acts of helpfulness. Basically, their job was to cheer me up!

So we’re starting a thing – which is simply awesome, and builds foundations into the kids’ lives in ways we’ll probably never fully comprehend. I’ve been reflecting on how much I love what I get to do over and above the daily work of music and sport, which in itself is just so much fun and so rewarding.

Rock month continues on track, although I have now run out of lunches. This means that tomorrow morning will be cardio, followed by cooking and simultaneously doing a workout. And that’s before the kids wake up and need breakfast! I like a challenge.

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