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Joburg and back

What an epic weekend it was. I survived the altitude change, I wasn’t hijacked and best of all… I got to play music! The last time I was in Joburg to play music we were gallivanting around Pretoria with Southern Gypsey Queen and the back end of Richmond with Newtown. Good times.

I love being on the road. Don’t get me wrong – there’s no place like home: I mean, I get woken up by my kids and hauled out of bed on cold Autumn mornings (before sunrise), the lawn has to be cut, and my dogs bark (read: yap) at everything that moves.

But every time I hit it, I realize how much the road means to me. It’s headspace and perspective; it’s adventure and education; it’s songwriting and dreaming; it’s content and creation; it’s physical and spiritual.

On Thursday morning I hired a VW Polo, threw in my bags and my guitar, and took the N3 to Johannesburg. The trip up was full of speed cameras, irritating trucks, good podcasts and music.

One thing I always notice on arrival in Jozi – those okes know how to drive. It feels so lekker to put foot and somme go in the open space. Joburg has nice roads compared to the rest of South Africa. You can breathe on those big, spacious, wide roads. When we’re in Cape Town, driving through the streets there makes me feel like a bulldog trying to breathe through a straw with one nostril.

But Joburg always energizes me. Perhaps it’s the 12 million people running at high pace and just getting on with the job… they don’t see the small issues. They just rock on. I love that.

And rock on is exactly what I did, from catching up with my old chum Gareth Wilson, to hanging out with Pip and Les – my rock star uncle and aunt – in their warm and peaceful home, to catching up with my cousin Grant and his family (and sharing all of our crazy ideas and interests), to an epic house concert with Doug and Beth Rodger, to visiting Ben Willem’s studio, to Jon and Cindy Anderson and the epic Centre Church… I always get a kick out of Joburg.

I’m heading back in October with my family and quite likely some band mates. So if you are interested in hosting a house concert or keeping in touch, send us an email to and we’ll fill you in on details and/or put you on the mailing list.

Being more energized means fresh ideas, so you might notice a couple of new things starting.

Many of you will know that I have always wanted to be an animator and so am starting to explore various creative mediums to go with our music – mainly cartoons. God knows, we all need a good laugh these days!

If you’re interested, have a look at the video playlist below. Feel free to drop a comment on your thoughts and share if you like it.

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