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Introduction To The Great Deep

A new media project to answer some of life’s deeper questions… that’s what this is all about. Watch the video and join the conversation, we’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Introduction To The Great Deep

  1. Brilliant! Well done, Ryan! You’re so talented and clearly God is using that for His glory!
    ‘Justice like the deep’… certainly got me thinking ….
    I believe that we’re here on this earth to bring Him glory. Our soul purpose. So, in our pain, He wants to be glorified! In our victories, He wants to be glorified.
    As humans, we naturally WANT the glory … But that’s not how God intended it to be.
    So, let my confusion, all the questions, pain and victories be for His glory!
    Thanks x

    1. Hey Cands! Thank you for contributing! Yup, totally agree. The obvious next question is “how?” and “why?”…
      – when the going is tough, how do we give Him glory?
      – when the going is easy (and we can easily accumulate the glory for ourselves) how do we give Him glory?
      – and why does all the glory go back to Him? (lol… Lucifer?) Why did God design it that way?

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