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In 2020, we found a beach

Remember 2020?

Last year, in the midst of the mayhem, we found a beach.

Right before the release of The Great Deep. It was spring, beautiful weather… and the promise of a new dawn.

Let’s go back a few months before that though. Lockdown brought about an audit on my life, as I’m sure it did on yours too. I found myself worried and anxious at times, and completely content and care-free at others. It was a bizarre period. During that time, I was sorting through my stuff at home, and found lots of old lyrics books. I looked back on the songs I had written over the previous decade, and found myself thinking about many of the same themes.

For example: people I haven’t seen in ages… where are they? Are they ok? Do they need help? (from the song How To Slay A Dragon). Watching my children adapt to new ways of living and connecting and learning (from the song Colourful World). Hearing very sad stories of those suffering with depression and, despairingly, the increase in suicide cases (themes that are in Tea Bags For Tears).

As a friend, a husband and a dad, I watched my own mates and family evolve through that period. And they emerged older and wiser. I’m grateful for each of them, and the impact they’ve all had on my life. They inspired me to release these songs, and my aim was purely to bring some hope to anyone else who happens to hear them.

No sooner had I released it, and I got a message asking “When’s the next one?”

(Flip me. There’s no rest.)

Anyway, my point in sharing this is to say that if you have listened to the Great Deep, I’d love to hear from you. I’m assuming only those who like the album will provide feedback, but I’m also interested in the not-so-positive feedback. So consider it an invitation for constructive criticism.

If you haven’t heard the songs however, below are some links…

If you’re a Spotify user and are making playlists and have any of my songs included, let me know where you put it and why.

I’m also interested with users feedback on artwork and display of the album on different devices – so if you have any thoughts, please let me know.


iTunes and Apple Music seem to more popular with overseas listeners, but again I’m interested in feedback on playlist inclusions, artwork, etc.

If you’re not a subscriber of any platforms, there’s always good old YouTube!

And if you’ve read this far, you’d probably want to subscribe to my channel here (I’m releasing new lyric videos soon!).

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