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I’m just going ahead and doing it… a crowdfunding campaign

For years, I’ve resisted the urge to put together a crowdfunding campaign. It’s never sat well with me: the idea that people pay upfront for something that hasn’t been produced.

And yet, isn’t this how many other business practices operate? Payment upfront to secure service or products.

Over and above that, there are many other instances of musicians who have the support of their communities and who have far exceeded what the original goal was.

So what’s my goal you ask? The aim is R30 000. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Brent Quinton, our friend and world-class sound engineer, is mixing the album. His rate is at least R500 per hour. There are 12 songs… so at 3-4 hours per song, we’re looking at R24 000.
  2. Graphics and professional photography to promote the album and the project make up the rest of the budget at R6 000. This is a modest budget which includes clothes, props, transport to photographic settings, etc.

The worst that can happen is no one donates… but so far, we’ve received R450! 91 days left… I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress and as we go along, or you can see for yourself. Click on the image below:

The Great Deep - Ryan Calder
The Great Deep. Coming soon.

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