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If we could just drown the noise…

“Drown out the noise, won’t you speak the words I need to hear”

Age of Crazy, from The Great Deep

One thing I’ve noticed with these masks on, is how muffled the world is in reality. Having said that, it hasn’t really drowned out the noise in our heads.

For example, I notice every time I have a conversation these days that one person has hardly finished a sentence or an idea and when the other person interrupts with something that’s suddenly triggered from what they’ve said. The conversations go something like this:

Person 1: “I find it really hard wearing this mask all the time now, because…”

Person 2: “I KNOW, right!? I said to my spouse this government needs to do something about restrictions because I’m basically suffocating and if we’re not careful we’re going to go back to dictatorship…”

Person 1: *blinks* “No actually, I just meant this material is quite thick and I should probably find a different mask.”

It’s pretty hard to isolate yourself from issues. They’ll come find you. Just ask your social media feed…

But seriously, I’m having to audit myself with the noise in my own head. The best way I’ve found to do that, for me, is to wake up early and exercise. I find it purges all the stuff clogging up my ears. Then, at the very least, I can actually be of some use to my family during the day.

I’ve also found that there’s huge benefit to hanging around older people. I’ve covered this subject before, but I just love periodically hanging around older folks. They laugh more, and a little bit extra, just to savour a good moment. The conversation moves slower… they leave space for you to talk. If they have an opinion you’ll need to pause and leave at least 8 seconds of silence if you want to hear them give it, because they actually consider their words carefully.

Such is wisdom. We tell kids two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you speak… if only we could heed our own advice.

If we could just drown the noise, I’m convinced there’s a whisper of heaven happening right now.

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