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Fourth Friday

Morning CardioAs stated, and evidenced on the right here, I duly sorted out the previous night’s eating offence bright and early today… okay, it wasn’t very bright because it was very early.

Thankfully there was no icy wind this morning, but it was still pretty fresh.

Followed this with the fourth Friday’s routine shoulder workout. Tammy asked me if I have been taking before-and-after photos of this progress… I told her as long as she noticed then my goals have been achieved. Besides, the goal of this whole Rock month thing was not to go through a physical transformation but rather a mental and one – discipline, discipline, discipline.

It seems to be paying off. I had a jam-packed morning of teaching (music and sport) and then a full afternoon of admin time.

Dinner was burgers. Man, I possibly overdid it but yeesh it was good… and then I ventured out to visit our growing youth group at church. What a treat that was! In a few years, my own kids will be in that age category.

The view tonight… which is also what most mornings look like.

It’s now 9.23pm, and tomorrow I can sleep in past 3.30am. Ah yes.

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