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Five dollars, a dream, a journey

So here we are, nearly two weeks into our endeavour to get to Spain, and the graph below resembles two lines. The green line signifies where we should be, and the red line is where we are.

RCB Spain Sales Chart 2

For those of you not up to speed, it goes like this… the RCB:

1. Won major competition.
2. Got free ticket to very cool music conference.
3. Conference is in Spain.
4. Have to somehow get to Spain.
5. Gung ho.
6. Asking fans for sponsorship.

We have every reason to believe that this won’t happen. But as I have mentioned before: we’re partly stupid and mostly gung ho.

You see (and we’ll just talk plain and simple here): the hardest part is getting you to part with your money. You’ve probably stopped reading now already.

But here’s the honest, plain, simple, bottom line: we need you (yes YOU reading this blog) to take out your credit card (I’m sure you’ve stopped reading by now) and slice off $5 (R34,80) into our bank account.

Think about this… that’s the price of a medium KFC or McDonalds meal. Our question is: once you’ve bought the fast food meal and eaten it, what do you have to show for it? Five dollars well spent?

So… *shifts eyes downward to shoes* we think you could invest that money better. Let’s consider what $5 can buy you.

FIVE DOLLARS IS LESS than paying to see a movie and get a medium popcorn.

FIVE DOLLARS ISN’T even a meal at a restaurant.

FIVE DOLLARS WON’T get you from Pietermaritzburg to Durban/Benoni to Pretoria/Paarl to Cape Town.


10 songs which will keep you good company for the rest of your life, an allegiance of the RCB to you, and as a genuine altruist you will be helping us on our journey.

A couple of people have told me it can’t be done. Many more say it’s a great opportunity, but that’s where their words (and actions) dry up. We in the RCB, however, are optimistic enough to believe that we have enough believers in this music and in what we do to make this trip to Barcelona possible. We see it as more than a trip to Spain. We see it as the start of a life-long journey between us and you reading this. We’re not going anywhere other than forward.

So if you like anything about what we do, HERE’S THE LINK TO SPONSOR US.

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