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Easy like Sunday

The temperature reached -1 this morning at 7am. It is seriously frosty here! Fortunately, I was tucked up in bed.

Today’s plan was to try and stay as low-key as possible ahead of the week, which is looking full and busy. We went to the morning church meeting and then I repeated last week’s routine of running home – which is 2km of sheer uphill and then a undulating 3km thereafter. What’s good about it is that I can reach my maximum heart rate quickly and log my 300-point run on Discovery Vitality for the week. I have managed to hit nearly 50 straight weeks in a row.

After lunch we sat down as a family to a Netflix doccie. So good to have downtime together, lazing about on the couch on a chilly afternoon under blankets with hot coffee. #bliss

I then re-strung my acoustic, as tonight was another gig at Saki. I did a vlog update in the parking lot about how these kind of gigs are always learning experiences for me about where I’m at in terms of performance and what crowds respond to. The majority of tonight’s audience was younger and older black folk, and I was pleased that they all loved the music. I even gave out my contact details afterwards to a few of them and may have more work lined up as a result!

Week 4 of Rock month commences tomorrow. Time to focus. Epic pain awaits, along with epic gains.

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