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Camping getaway

April 2019.

So I’ve been at Midmar for two days.

I managed to salvage the leaking tent.
The blow up mattress is flat.
The only food left is a tin of baked beans and some left over coffee.
Everything smells like a firepit.
And I feel reborn.

It’s pretty primal out here… and there’s very little to distract me. So what if I haven’t showered in 2 days? The dam water is beautifully cool. So what if I haven’t eaten anything green in 2 days? Chakalaka has vegetables.

All the things that preoccupy so much of our modern thought life have been stripped away, and what you’re left with is your thoughts and beautiful surroundings, and a still small voice.

It’s been good. So good that I think I’m done being by myself… but I’m not quite ready to go home as yet. So I’m going to fetch the kids.

I message Tam to tell her my thoughts. 13 years of marriage has taught me that I need to communicate clearly, so I explained the whole thing.

Me: Was wondering about the kids coming for a night or two.

Tam: Oh my word they would love that

Me: You’re welcome too, but it’s seriously rustic

Tam: No ways buddy

Here’s the rest of the story, in vlog form, on Patreon.

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