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Behind the Song: Wide Open World

It was inevitable that the engineer who mastered the album – Brent Quintin – would pick out the E9 chord at the beginning of Wide Open World.

“Hey Earle, what does this sound like?” he asks his fellow Sesalos engineer.

“Welcome to the real world!” Earle bursts out, reciting the John Mayer classic.

Yes, Mayer’s tune was an inspiration, but the song wasn’t supposed to start like that. I thought a piano or drum intro would be better, and throw musical gurus like Brent off the scent!

The band had been deliberating late one night in the studio and Marlon (our recording engineer) and Berto were going on about how you’ll always sound like someone, even if you’re not trying to. Sometimes it’s an artist you’ve never heard of and someone comes along and says, “Hey, this sounds just like John Mayer!”

In the end, through all the busyness and debate, it just slipped my mind and before I knew it I was sitting with the project getting it mastered.

Brent argues that it’s actually better sounding that way than having no reference to a new listener at all. I agree.

The song is fairly self-explanatory lyrically, I think. I’ve never really been one to sit still for long periods of time. I’m also not very good at waiting for things to come my way. I usually take the agenda to the day, rather than being dealt the day’s agenda.

What I have learned, however, is that there are usually more ways than one to go about things. The world is wide and wild, and it’s all flying by as we breathe… and yet we press on, hoping and trusting that it’s all worth something by the end. For me, there’s a measure of being true to oneself: “I’m in pursuit of a dream of this heart, setting out to do what I planned at the start”.

I also really like the lyric in this song “What is the message that I am living right now?”… the idea being that if I died right this moment, how would people remember me?

"What is the message that I am living right now?"

Generally, we don’t remember people for what they say, but how they lived. It is the way people live which causes us to reflect and evaluate our own lives. For me, I don’t generally hear what people are actually saying most of the time, because their actions drown out their words and “blind” my hearing… if that makes sense.

And then I have to reflect on my own life and ask myself some hard questions, like what is the message that I am living right now… and is my life underlining, or undermining, what I am saying. It’s a daily question I have to come back to, and a daily challenge.


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2 thoughts on “Behind the Song: Wide Open World

  1. Wide open world, indeed. Thank you, RCB!

  2. Carpe Diem – seize the day 🙂 The time old saying “Actions speak louder than words” is true! Thanks Ryan! The LAN is fail and I cannot listen to the song, but I’ll be there on the 24th @ Red Door!

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