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Behind the Song: Loving Every Day

This song was the first one penned for the new album, about four years ago. It was one of those songs which very quickly had a structure, but developed slowly lyrically… so much so that it was only completed last year.

So for those who don’t know, my beautiful wife Tamlyn Mary is the inspiration behind this tune. Without boring you with too many details, Tam and I met at a time when I was fairly rogue.

I was disillusioned with pretty much everything: God, Christianity, South Africa and it was all supposed to be. I was a cynic. Love was a kitsch concept wrapped up in Valentine’s Day commercialism, and marriage was an out-dated idea. I was listening to Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit to find some kind of solace and relief from all the happy people everywhere.

But God in His gentle way let “grace [smile] upon this reckless heart and I was leant a helping hand”.

Now, there are cynics who will gag, puke or simply roll their eyes at the idea, but it’s true. Ask any wedding photographer – they are fully booked months in advance. People want to get married. I asked an agnostic, middle-aged man – one of the most intelligent guys I know – why he wanted to marry the woman he’d been living with for 15 years and who had given birth to their 3 children. “Because we just wanted to,” he said. “I have no more intellectual reason than that.”

Marriage is not an out-dated idea. Everything I had been told by the media, Hollywood and self-help shows was a lie. For me, marriage has been an awesome, incredible four-year adventure… and I can’t wait to see how the rest unfolds.

Musically it bears influence from Eagle Eye Cherry’s Save Tonight and Marc Cohn’s Walking in Memphis, and I really like the feel of Jon’s piano solo which for me encapsulates the mental picture of various seasons of life passing by, but with a good measure of joy that can be found in each. The band took to this song really easily, and it slotted into place fairly simply when we were recording it.

I hope this song encourages you if you are married. This is a song for the mundane moments of life. This is a song to play after you’ve worked through an argument and find that the two of you are closer than you were previously. This is a way of celebrating marriage as a God-given gift, rather than some good idea.

And if you are single, I hope this song encourages you to find someone who makes you come alive.

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Song: Loving Every Day

  1. Nothing like this institution to bring a man to his knees, inspire him to great exploits and sustain him in the journey. Nice piece bro.

  2. This is G’s favourite song on the album 🙂 Marriage could only be God’s idea!!

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