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Behind the Song: Leave It Behind

This was a song which was birthed out of the music. The songwriting process is a strange one, because there’s never any true way of knowing when and where inspiration will come from. I’ve resolved to follow Bob Dylan’s advice and make a conscientious effort to hang around the ink well.

When I penned this song, it came out of a picture of what the music made me feel and visualize. So literally, I played the guitar eyes closed, and let my imagination go wherever.

It wasn’t a short process. The song took months of thinking and re-thinking, driving in the car and milling over the ideas.

I would take perhaps a week considering each line, and up to a month considering each verse. Then scrapping it and starting again. It was a frustrating and confusing time… normally I would just shelve a song idea and come back to it at a later stage with fresh ears and clear thoughts.

But I just couldn’t leave this song alone (behind?)… it was haunting me on my way to work, coming home from work… whenever I had a spare moment in my day, I would be preoccupied with trying to get this song into some kind of form that made sense.

In the end it became a kind of graphical story in my mind rather than any related life experience, and I think the song speaks for itself.

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1 thought on “Behind the Song: Leave It Behind

  1. I really love this song:)It’s my absolute favorite one off the album. This might sound strange but it really helped me in my walk with God. It just told me leave all the bad things behind because there is something (GOD) great to be found. It gives me chills and I love it:)) Great job guys!

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