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Behind the Song: Hide Away

It’s not often that I get to just sit and play guitar, but on this particular Saturday afternoon, I was strumming the chords that would become this song when Tam walked into the room and started singing spontaneously.

I remember we’d both been pretty busy and it was nice to just be at home, with no agenda for the day. Tam walked in, heard the chords and said, “Hmmm, that’s nice!” and then proceeded to sing “Run away…”

That was the catalyst for this song which found its roots in Psalm 63. I love David’s yearning, his complete desperate dependence in the words “my soul clings to you”. I cohere with that at least three times a week.


This song was tracked and recorded fairly liberally, and I’m not convinced we got the full measure out of this song, even though I still really like the version on the album. This was the first song Tammy recorded on vocals, and she keeps saying she wasn’t fully warmed up and she can hear it. To be honest I think there’s an authenticity in the vocal tracks of this song which is what I like about it.

On a technical production note, Roberto’s bass solo in this song ended up with a bit too much compression for my liking in hindsight. What makes his bass playing so unique is the raw funk tone he gets when he’s playing live, which isn’t there in this song. Be that as it may, I still think the mood is captured perfectly and the sentiment in this song, with its 6/8 timing and lazy rhythm, aligns quite nicely musically and lyrically.

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