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Behind the scenes: Great Deep Photoshoot

As I’ve mentioned before, last year in 2020, we found a beach.

Right before the release of The Great Deep. It was spring, beautiful weather… and the promise of a new dawn.

It was also the setting for the photoshoot of the album launch with my mate Troy Bishop.

The concept of visually depicting the album was something I mulled over for a long time, and so chatting it through with Troy was an important part of the process for me.

He got it straight away.

The idea was I would dress up in a suit/jacket and paddle out into the ocean, lie on my back and he would photograph it from overhead with his drone. Troy hopped in his vehicle and drove down early morning to meet us and we set about getting ourselves on the shore.

I had envisaged a deep and tranquil blue, striking the poses that you see here. However, on the morning we shot this, there was an epic onshore breeze at high tide and the whole thing from the shore to the breakline was a turbulent washing machine.

This is me getting ready. Clothes, a body board and flippers. All a real man needs, right?

I remember looking at the ocean and thinking it was probably not a good idea. No life guards, no shark nets, a hectic current and on-shore wind…

I joked on the way out, “It’s been real everyone!”

Troy noticed. (He’s quite an intuitive dude. I can see why we’re friends.) And he offered to say a prayer with me. That was memorable.

I got on to the beach, put my kit on and was followed by my other good friend Imke, who was going to rescue me if it all went really pear shaped.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our intrepid firstborn Rachel filmed the behind-the-scenes action. Adam clearly wasn’t convinced of my swimming ability.

His forecasted outcome was death.

In the end though, I personally dodged his predictions. Death to the suit though… besides the salt water not being good for the suede, it got sanded and ripped in the current.

Sigh… the things we do for our art. My wife continues to smile and wave. But she knows better than anyone. It was never going to be enough to just write some songs.

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