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Arms, the age spread and scripts done

It’s late to be blogging. Today has been full-on full. I woke up earlier to get in a longer distance on the morning cardio, and then hit the iron with the intention to really flex the spit out of every muscle fibre in my arms. (I’ll see what the D.O.M.S. are like tomorrow and Friday.)

Then it was the usual morning hustle and bustle getting to schools and work on time. Today I taught three-years-olds all the way through to nine-year-olds, group singing through to hockey, from 8am straight through to 3pm, with a 15-minute break. I also knocked out the final versions of two scripts for two separate school concerts, and still managed to make an evening meeting that lasted until 8.30pm.

There’s way too much on my plate at the moment. The good news is, I’m ready for bed so I don’t have to deal with it all now! #content

Good night.

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