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Akin to Discipline

I remember a book from a little while back in my youth, called Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. I remember, as a young gun, how juxtaposed those two words seemed: not quite oxymoron but definitely not strung together that often, if at all. The word “discipline”, when I was younger, was generally associated with words like “punishment” and “correction”. Most kids thought “sore bum” or “feelings of separateness” when someone spoke about them “needing to be disciplined”.

In short, it was just a drain.

However, Foster’s book title has stayed in my head ever since, and while I haven’t read it anytime recently, I find myself – in my adult years – feeling more akin* to this word “discipline” and it’s benefits than much else.

*He says smugly having woken up at 3.30am to go training in the cold and dark for two weeks straight.

Leg day today. I’m not sure I’ve fully grasped the meaning of this workout. After running, to exercise legs again just seems like, well… dumb.

And there’s this (pictured, right).

However, I did it for the third week in a row, just for the sake of… well, whatever. I’m waiting to see whether the rumours that those who actually persist with leg day start to prefer it as their favourite workout of the week. So far, not me.

My work days are becoming more and more productive. Mom-in-law reckons it’s all the carbohydrates. She likes the idea of rice and potatoes. My aching muscles like this idea too. I can only attribute the lack of extreme D.O.M.S. to the carb intake.

As part of my teaching workload, I have half-scripted the annual school concert at Maritzburg Prep, and called it Pop, Rock ‘n Roll – a surging blitz through the decades of pop music and rock ‘n roll, and how those hit songs form the perfect soundtrack for life in a junior school.

This weekend will be a moment to record some vocals and do some more storyboarding. I’m excited.

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