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A trip down memory lane

We’re nearly at the end of the year, people. Two more months before 2020. I’ll bet there’ll be a lot of tag lines around 20/20 vision and seeing things clearly and whatever. Before we go there, I’d like to share some thoughts… you know – hit the pause button, just for a few minutes, and consider the journey so far…

I’ve been clearing out boxes and boxes of stuff. Have you done that recently? Personally, I don’t like the process, but I always feel better afterwards. Sifting through old things has reminded of my artistic and musical journey so far. I’m 38 this year, and I’ve considered a few things about where I’ve been because it informs where I’m going. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was in a band called Pulse. Ah yes – good times. So much learning, so many mistakes; so much adventure and youthful zest and an attitude of gung-ho, can-do, nothing-can-stand-in-the-way ignorance. We closed off a street, hopped on the back of a truck and played a gig. We toured bars, clubs and venues where we weren’t even supposed to be because more than half the band were under age! We sang about hope and better things and Jesus. We had horrifically long band practices (such were the priorities back then). It began in me a process of thinking about the world, how it works and what it needs.

Then I made my solo album, Better Days. Here are some pics from the album photoshoot. (I’m making some lyric videos for those old tunes.)

Then I played at Splashy Fen, and the Ryan Calder Band was born. Something happened in that first gig with me. I felt alive from the first note. And the gang hopped on. We crafted On The Edge, and it started a lifetime journey of friendship and great memories – touring north and south of the country and all around our beautiful KZN Midlands.

We’ve started families, continue to play gigs and settled into life in a new season. I look back and I’m grateful. And as I look ahead, I’m excited.

There’s a lot going on right now, and as I observe the world around me… I’ve noticed something: things on the surface have changed, but the core of the message and the music remains the same as it did when I started out:

There’s a God in heaven who has a plan for greater things.

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