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A sleep in, a podcast and a cheat meal

While I am on this new health-kick dubbed Rock month, I was glad that on this particular Saturday (which is a rest day on my programme) I was able to sleep in past the usual 3.30am wake-up call… because when I did get up at 6.30am, this is what the outside world looked like:


Two degrees Celsius, people. Imagine doing cardio in that? (In the dark!)

Anyway, I was grateful. Today was part-admin, part-creative outlet day where I reviewed the script of the Great Deep show and storyboard. While I go about the busy schedule during the week, I often think about the show when I’m alone and have a moment to myself, and process (in my own mind) the strategy for making it.

Today was a test-run of voice recording as I put down the second podcast episode in our new costume hire venue. I used my custom-made DIY vocal booth (which I filmed how I made) to track the narrative and then edited it. The idea here is that this serves as a test run through the technical elements of sound recording before recording the animation soundtrack… more about that in future blogs.

Testing, testing… one, two…

(In the interim, subscribe to the YouTube channel.)

Today also served as cheat meal day during Rock month, because tomorrow I have an evening gig, so will be keeping my eating plan clean. It really was a good day to have cheat meal because:
1. The max temp. in our town was 15 °C
2. Dinner was oxtail with mashed potato. #winning

There is just something special – which I appreciate so much now – about cheat meals. My daily intake of food is so similar (aka lean and clean) each and every day that this kinds of meal is… well – sublime!

Finish that off with a double of my father-in-law’s whisky, and I would say that’s a pretty good way to end off a chilly Saturday in Hilton.

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2 thoughts on “A sleep in, a podcast and a cheat meal

  1. Eagerly awaiting the podcast😃😃
    As well as gains from the rock month, no pressure😂

    Will we get a sneak peak into the show preps etc on your patreon?

    1. If you’re expecting shirtless pics of me on the Internet, you must be crazy! But yes, Patreon will have all the behind-the-scenes 🙂

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