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2017 personal reflections

Each year I look back and I think, “Wow! That was a busy year!”… but I honestly think that 2017 has topped them all so far.

At the end of each year I think, next year we’ll go bigger musically, we’ll get more stuff out, we’ll launch this or that new thing… and inevitably, as we all know, life happens.

Currently, one of my big things that I am involved with is education, teaching sport and music to pre-school and junior primary children. Before I went into teaching, I never appreciated the skill set it requires… especially this particular age group. You think you know stuff, until you have to explain it to little children. That’s a subject for another blog post, but suffice to say – I have been taught inordinate wisdom over the last six years by these young ones. This year was a particularly steep learning curve as we launched a new school.

In addition to running a busy portfolio on two campuses this year, I’ve decided to study a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) and get the qualification to go with the experience. So along with end of year school productions and sports fixtures and events… exams also form part of the equation! It’s all culminated into a somewhat frenetic 2017 year-end!

As a family, we are committed to our local church at One Life, and I head up one of the site’s music teams. This has been an invigorating process. I have always maintained that local church is the best place to learn how to play music. Our local guys really are legendary peeps, as well as magnificent musicians.

With all of this going on, there’s no shortage of inspiration for new songs and ideas. We’ve ended the year with two house concerts in the fairest Cape (…and even though the province is currently experiencing the worst drought in years, it’s still pretty fair!). We played some new songs, some old songs, told the story and the same good news. And 2018 beckons a new season and as we look to move forward. There are plans for us to tour in each of the holiday seasons (March/April, June/July and Sept/October) with shows in different provinces as well as house concerts. Coffee Sessions will continue on Saturday mornings on Facebook Live. There are plenty of new songs and podcasts lined up, and one or two surprises for the kids as well.

Hey – maybe you have ideas or requests… drop us an email:

Enjoy the festive season all… and we’ll see you in 2018. Keep a look out for some new RCB.

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One thought on “2017 personal reflections

  1. Thank you for the privilege of hosting a house concert in our home at the very end of 2017.
    I for one, will never forget the images of a few young children singing and playing their hearts out as the RCB accompanied them.
    What joy you brought Ryan! And we thank you!

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