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2015 House Concert #Plett

The last time Jon and I were in Plettenburg Bay was September 2013. Two and a quarter years later, we returned to our good friends Mark and Kelly Brown. Mark is the director of Nature’s Valley Trust, and he and his family moved from Pietermaritzburg (where we first knew them) to Plett over three years ago. Kelly had just handed in PhD thesis.

And so here we found ourselves, in the esteemed company of two doctors and their delightful young kids who are close in age to our own older kids.

This #RCBHouseConcert was hosted in their garden, with an audience of about 40 in attendance – and what a great crowd! Folks from all walks of life.

It was great to be playing as an acoustic trio again. At least with Tam in the mix, we had some class in our outfit. Our musical collective was also joined by Rachel, Adam and Kate – who got the audience participation going and resolved some grumpiness in the crowd… always a good thing!

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