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2015 House Concert #MrMrsSmith

On the Saturday morning of our #RCBHouseConcert in Pinelands, Jon and I stopped by the home of one Graeme Smith. THE Graeme Smith – not the ex-Proteas dude.

“It was kinda like: put an offer on the house, and then ‘Jon! Concert!?’…” he explained as we stood in their garden and discussed logistics. Graeme is an ideal candidate for a house concert host – he’s a visionary AND he’s super organised, which means he anticipates all the things that are important to running a successful house concert.

Of course it helps that he and his talented wife Dee have a beautiful home and a space that lends itself perfectly to having some friends around and showcasing the music.

Once again the Calder lighties helped get some audience participation – another great gig to add to their resume. On this occasion, we roped in one David Smith, who unknowing thought he was only going to take pictures… turns out he’s a pretty dope drummer as well! (Some guys get ALL the talent!) Our “rural” band member Wes – cousin of the Smiths – was the latest addition to the collective… rural guys are always a winner when it comes to harmonica!

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