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2015 House Concert #4

It couldn’t have been more than two hours after the #Gibsons house concert in the peach orchid that Stef sent me a message.

“Hey Ryan its Stef, we met at the Gibsons today, Bev gave me your info! Awesome gig :):):) my hubby is having his 40th on the 16th of May was hoping if you’re not booked you could come n do a house call? Heehee”

So two weeks later, here we were.

A great afternoon where we met plenty of great people who make these house concerts very special.


We were graced with a guest appearance by Kayleigh and Jade, who added their special vocal talent to a raucous rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Marius.

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  1. Look at that funky drummer!!!!

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