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2015 House Concert #3

Advertised as ‘Autumn In The Orchid’, the third #RCBHouseConcert of the year was proof that “house” is a very loose term for these sorts of gigs.

I’ll say it again, “house” is a loose term for any kind of space that you may have access to.

In this case, house concert = a peach orchid!

Gibsons2Our intrepid friends Rob and Bev Gibson played host to this one at their home, which is a small holding within Sakabula Golf Estate.

Rob and I first met many years ago on Sakabula Golf Course through a mutual friend. He’s a good golfer. From our first encounter on that day, I remember meaningful conversations with the man. An astute and succinct thinker, Mr Gibson was always interested in meaningful straight talk. As I understood him, in all his humanity, meaningful connection was par for the course (pun intended).

Fast forward a number of years, throughout which we hadn’t seen each other very much. At the beginning of this year we crossed paths, and the first question he posed to me was: “How is the band?”

I told him what the RCB was up to in 2015. Aka, house concerts.

Four months later, here we were.

Now there’s one thing you must understand about the #Gibsons. You get house concert hosts… and then you get house concert hosts. The #Gibsons are the latter.

They started by inviting their music team from church. Then they invited their Connect group, which meets once a week. Then it was Rob’s business colleagues. Before long, residents of Sakabula Golf Estate had heard that something was up… and so it went on…

On the day of the #RCBHouseConcert, we stopped counting heads at 120.

Meaningful connections. In my experience, this has been par for the course with the #Gibsons.

And essentially, this is at the heart of what we do with any #RCBHouseConcert, no matter the size of the audience – it’s about establishing meaningful connections.

In this instance, we met many awesome people: Marius – who I know as the seed-sower (for originally planting the idea in the #Gibsons head for an event in the orchid – thanks bru!); Shannon & Meryl, who are threatening a house concert of their own (that will be a wild one!); and many of the Sakabula residents as well as many familiar faces and friends.

My friends Simba and Jabu Kwaramba filled in on keys and bass, much to everyone’s delight. Rudi was his usual Benoni self – full of rhythmical goodness, Kurt Cobain-type harmonies and plenty of chirp from behind the drum kit. Special mention must be made to the imperturbable Tamlyn Mary Calder, who performed the entire set with a perpetual tummy bug.

In the end, it was a very successful afternoon in the midlands. One which looks as though it will be repeated very shortly at someone else’s home…

Trust the good people of the midlands.

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