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2015 and what to expect

rcbsmilesMost people I speak to don’t… they all say something along the lines of: “Why set yourself up for disaster? You know you’re gonna fail to keep them anyway…”

Pretty pessimistic view, if you ask me.

But I get where they’re coming from. I’m the world’s worst at new year’s resolutions. I can’t even remember yesterday’s headlines, let alone stick to a lofty ideal for a whole 365. But I do like to take moments to pause and reflect, and also to start a-new.

Of course I want to save more money, be healthier and be more generous all-round. You know, the usual things.

The more specific, musical things are cause for some serious pondering. You have to consider that the world is different to what it was five years ago when the RCB released its debut album On The Edge. Back then, the world did not have Adam Calder. Now it has Rachel, Adam AND Zoe! And Zoe has just started walking, ya’ll. This is like her having her driver’s licence. Nothing is safe, and there is a wild frontier to be explored.

This makes me want to explore my next wild frontier. You see, the future is no longer as it was – as any music business person will tell you. We’ve done clubs, music venues and festivals… we’ve done selling CDs… we’ve done marketing our stuff to radio… and we’ve done chucking our names away doing silly gigs and promotions. So what’s next?

House concerts. It may sound strange, but yes. Click on the blue link to the left and leave a comment or send us an e-mail. I would really like to hear what you think.

New album. Yes, we have a new album. It’s coming out this year. It’s called The Great Deep. The new tunes will be coming to you in all shapes and forms. We’re thinking USB flash sticks with the new album on them… what do you think?

Art. There’s a world inside that is yet to be seen… and I have to get it out there. As a budding animator and cartoonist, this is the year I have decided to try and integrate the two things I love: music and animation.

That’s it. Those are my expectations and dreams for us in 2015. Let’s see how we do…

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  1. I think that sounds awesome!! Go for it! :):)

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