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20 years ago, I did this.

I’m at Midmar Dam. It looks quirky, doesn’t it? But this is actually serious business. I’m here some 20 years later, to do what I started out when I was 18. It was quirky back then as well… but equally serious. It only struck me once here just how profound the journey has been, and despite my wayward tendencies, the Lord always has His way.

Back then we had a band called Pulse. Flippin epic days, they were. It started as a youth group, and the band formed from that as an excuse to build and grow together. Music was the excuse to connect with people back then, just as it is now.

Before this trip I would say that the Great Deep has been a decade or so in the making… but as I think back, sitting here at Midmar dam in April 2019, it’s been a lot longer than that. Some of these songs have evolved and grown over many moons. But my prayer is that as I’ve looked back and as I find myself thinking about these things, these songs will help people’s thought life, their every day activity and their future. Besides my wrinkles and less hair, little else has changed.

Back then, Pulse started playing and writing gospel praise & worship songs for the context of church buildings and gatherings, and the deeper we delved into what we were actually doing, I realised that the heart behind what we were doing was for those who weren’t part of it all.

So the band then started writing lyrics that crossed over to play outside of church walls.

That whole process started something in me, which debuted as Ryan Calder, then became the Ryan Calder Band, and these days oscillates between the RCB and me as a solo artist.

I vlogged it… so if you’re interested, this is a 12-minute, deeper inside track of the getaway experience and my reflections of then and now:

As always, I love hearing your thoughts and comments below.


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2 thoughts on “20 years ago, I did this.

  1. Such quality here bru. It’s quite interesting to note that a lot has changed in 20 years but the fundamentals are still the same😃

    It couldn’t be a songwriting vlog without a sting reference😉

    1. Hahaha! You’re too astute J!

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