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It’s 31 December 2023. Written another way, the date is 123123. And coincidentally as I start writing, it’s 21:23 on the clock.

What a ride it’s been. A year and a half ago, we left the shores of our homeland in search of the great unknown: adventure, education and life beyond the Shire of our known universe. Suffice to say, we’ve discovered many things about the world, it’s inhabitants and ourselves in the process.

There are two teenagers in the Calder household now, 15 and 13 years respectively, and they sit in our lounge watching something less age appropriate for the 9 year old (who is on the double bed with an iPad in the main en suite). My wife and I find ourselves straddling the management of teens and pre-teens in this season, as so many generations have been before. It’s a stage of life that I am aware will be over all too quickly, and I’ll look back on this and think: was I there? Was I present in the moment?

As we look ahead to 2024, I have much I want to achieve. Yet I am haunted by the fact that it’s all footsteps in the sand. So I’ll spare you my resolutions, and instead, share my best wishes. Thank you for your interest in me and my tribe, your support and prayers, and the messages we receive from steadfast friends. I’ll continue to document the journey on YouTube.

Right now, I’m going to go and share the time I have with my kids.

My friends, this NYE, I say to us all: raise your glass and breathe it in… for we will never be this young again.

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