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Music and sport

There are two things that I love in life: music and sport. If you had to think of the profile character for each, they wouldn’t necessarily overlap. I mean, get a picture in your mind of an athlete and then a musician. They’re almost contradictory. For example, I don’t wear my skin-tight trisuit when I’m performing on stage and neither do I go swimming and cycling in denim jeans (although it may feel like it on some days… but that’s probably a fitness issue). Continue reading Music and sport

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Little things in the suitcase

Sitting in Malaysia, it’s difficult to articulate to anyone what it feels like to have been out of your home country for two months.

On the one hand, there are the big things associated with moving to a new land – the culture shock, the economic system and how you have to adjust to the way life is ordered in that place. These are the big things that I planned for prior to moving and travelling.

Then there are the little things.

In the back of my mind I have had the lyrics of U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind on repeat, and in particular, the words of the song Walk On. Continue reading Little things in the suitcase

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Filling the tank with quiet

I had to pause and take a step backwards when I heard myself shouting at my kids. There’s a constant mess in our home, and we’re having to pick up stuff after them all the time. Some might say that’s normal. It wasn’t the mess – it was my reaction. I realised my “tank” was empty. We’d moved country. We’d flatted our finances. And amidst all that stressful drain, I hadn’t been topping up. Continue reading Filling the tank with quiet