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Reasons for music, shows, and related decisions

Hexagon Dive June 2011

Music is brilliant at conveying a `feeling’,  creating an atmosphere. It can shape your perception in a powerful way. Imagine a movie without a soundtrack – it just wouldn’t be the same. As a lover of music I continually find myself reminded of the ability that the right kind of music has to put ones thoughts and emotions into perspective. Our recent series of shows at the Hexagon was one of those reminders. Continue reading Reasons for music, shows, and related decisions

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Web Savvy: Website development by the Bache Brothers

We figured it’s about time we featured some web buddies from our hometown, Pietermaritzburg (a.k.a “the sleepy hollow”). But don’t  be fooled. The Bache brothers don’t mess around. In fact, with people like the Baches operating the way they do in PMB, we’re surprised it still has a reputation as the sleepy hollow.

The Baches are ‘true web buddies’ for us in the sense that we haven’t yet got to know them in person, but rather exclusively by means of online interaction (strange given that we’re from the same place – maybe PMB isn’t that small after all…). We admire their initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, and we respect their desire to create and add value to the online sphere. We caught up with them recently to hear their insights on web development and online trends. Continue reading Web Savvy: Website development by the Bache Brothers

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::Harbourlight:: is a band from Johannesburg, made up of 5 guys who work hard but have a whole lot of fun making awesome music together. Their first brilliant offering, entitled Come Home, was initially released in July 2008 and subsequently re-released in late 2010 after they secured a distribution deal with Maranatha Music. Their second album was recently released and has already been well received, with the single Closer being playlisted on local radio stations KFM in Cape Town and OFM in Bloemfontein.

But that’s not how you know they’re cool. You know they’re cool cos we think they’re cool. We like the fact that they’re a five-piece (and there are some awesome five-piece bands in SA. *wink!*). And we like that they love God. We think they are a band destined for great things…

Check out our interview with them below:

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