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2015 House Concert #WhiteWater

The third installment of the #RCBHouseConcert December Cape tour found us at the reinvented White Water Farm – a beautiful guest house establishment just outside Stanford. Our brothers Rob and Alex have spent 2015 hard at work creating a beautiful environment just off the R326 between Hermanus and the N2, and the farm forms part of a thriving community of hard-working and delightful people. Continue reading 2015 House Concert #WhiteWater

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2015 House Concert #Plett

The last time Jon and I were in Plettenburg Bay was September 2013. Two and a quarter years later, we returned to our good friends Mark and Kelly Brown. Mark is the director of Nature’s Valley Trust, and he and his family moved from Pietermaritzburg (where we first knew them) to Plett over three years ago. Kelly had just handed in PhD thesis.

And so here we found ourselves, in the esteemed company of Continue reading 2015 House Concert #Plett

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2015 House Concert #4

It couldn’t have been more than two hours after the #Gibsons house concert in the peach orchid that Stef sent me a message.

“Hey Ryan its Stef, we met at the Gibsons today, Bev gave me your info! Awesome gig :):):) my hubby is having his 40th on the 16th of May was hoping if you’re not booked you could come n do a house call? Heehee”

So two weeks later, here we were.

A great afternoon where we met plenty of great people who make these house concerts very special.


We were graced with a guest appearance by Kayleigh and Jade, who added their special vocal talent to a raucous rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Marius.