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Heavenly peace

As I have said previously, I have been mulling over Christmas lyrics. Lines that I haven’t thought about for years suddenly pop out at me as we decorate the tree and hang tinsel everywhere.

There’s one line that has been bugging me though. It’s the one from Silent Night. It’s possibly the most foreign concept to the modern world. No one has a foggy clue what it’s about. The line? Continue reading Heavenly peace

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Thinking about Christmas lyrics

Christmas in my family was always a big deal. Our family is big, and so it generally involved cousins and food, sleepovers, garden cricket, swimming pools, braais and a Test match or two.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, most of these activities were tacked on around church activities. In our child minds though, church activities were an add-on from the aforementioned REAL activities.

Things change. Perhaps it’s the aging process, the passage of time, the yearning for something more… but I sense those two things inverting. Continue reading Thinking about Christmas lyrics