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Planning for the Hexagon Theatre

We had a meeting on Saturday. It was scheduled for 8am. Yes, yes, I know, that’s not very rock ‘n roll. I even baked muffins. Seriously. Burnt them a bit, but insisted that on principle the rest of the band eat them. They politely, if uncomfortably, consumed my first attempt at chocolate muffins.

By 8.40am, we’re ready to begin. In attendance are Rudi, Roberto, Rachel Grace and yours truly. Apologies from Tam, who has work commitments, while Jon, we assume, is still slumbering in CT. Continue reading Planning for the Hexagon Theatre

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Live and solo with Rory Eliot

Saturday night was one of those nights that took me back a few years. I took the stage with no band mates and just my acoustic guitar in a packed Crossways Pub in Hilton.

The occasion was actually the gig of Plush frontman Rory Eliot, who was out to showcase a few new tunes as the band goes into the studio shortly to record their fourth album. Rory invited me along to open up proceedings for the evening, post-Sharks/Stormers game.

On arrival, you could just tell it was going to be one of those evenings. Everyone is Continue reading Live and solo with Rory Eliot

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Buy ‘On The Edge’

For those who have bought a physical album and read the panel insert, check out the “On The Edge Giveaway” at the bottom of this page.

If you’d like to buy the album you can get it from one of these online stores:

On the Edge - Ryan Calder Band: CDBabyOn The Edge - Ryan Calder Band: emusic On the Edge - Ryan Calder Band: iTunesOn The Edge - Ryan Calder Band:
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The RCB Cape Town tour memoirs

So at last, our issues with web service providers seem to have been solved and we’re back up and running. Many apologies to all those who were trying to get on the website and couldn’t… it was beyond our control and incredibly frustrating, but we’re glad to be up and running again!

The band’s first soiree into Cape Town was an unbelievable time. For a band, there is nothing like Continue reading The RCB Cape Town tour memoirs

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CD Launch

On The Edge, Ryan Calder Band

The alarm clock went off way too early this morning at 6.15am. I love the way Michael Griffiths (our graphic designer) puts it: getting to bed early is actually much harder than getting up early. S’truth.

I had good reason though. Last night we launched our new album, On The Edge Continue reading CD Launch