Shannon Hope

Shannon Hope

S hannon Hope, April 20, 2010. © Rogan Ward 2010

Frontman Ryan reads mostly autobiographies, is an avid fan of animated movies and has an ongoing fascination with online media trends.

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2015 and what to expect

IT’S 2015, people. Have you made any new year resolutions?

Would you like to host a house concert?

It’s very simple: you invite your friends to your home, and we come and perform the concert to you and your friends, in the comfort of your home.

‘Open Air’ available for download!

THE time has arrived. The Great Deep is available for pre-order. The first track, called Open Air, has been made […]

What the RCB does online

SO you’re new to the RCB… or relatively new… and you’ve probably picked up that we do a lot of […]

Behind the Lyric Video: Open Air

The concept behind the lyric video for Open Air was fairly simple. My kids are avid painters and artists, and […]

Behind the Song: Open Air

‘Open Air’ was scribed on the top bunk of a backpackers in central Barcelona, late in the evening.