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Cardio challenges and future goals

I’m not sure if this is well documented, and I’m too scared to research it… but when it comes to early morning routines and specifically early morning cardio, there’s definitely a challenge. It’s that you only need to poop about two kilometres away from home on your morning run.

In some circles, this subject is taboo. For me though, it’s simple biology. I say that and yet I can’t bring myself to Google it. Who knows what I will end up as suggested adverts on my Internet browser.

All I know is that at 3.45am, I have absolutely no thought or inclination for a toilet seat. At 4.11am, however, with a heart rate of 140 and a body that is now vertical as opposed to horizontal, it’s a completely different story. The problem is that you simply can’t just dump a load behind some bush on a suburban street … for one, some rottweiler will take a chunk out of one of your bare cheeks through the fence… and two, it’s just too flippin cold. As they say in Afrikaans, vasbyt.

And after all that, leg day. Despite my sentiments on my previous post about leg day being a banal exercise, I think I am starting to understand why this is a big deal with some people, like the Rock (he has two leg day workouts each week). For one, it elevates your heart rate. Two, it’s a big muscle group which – for someone like me who is constantly moving each and every day – becomes hugely beneficial.

There are probably more reasons, but suffice to say, I felt much better this morning. Even after morning cardio (and all it’s issues).

The prospects of becoming a working artist on multiple fronts are ever-more present. I continue to get requests and am issuing quotes and the work slowly starting to roll in, like it did this time last year. Hashtag, grateful and continually hopeful.

Tomorrow is arms and abdominal day. Plus I have entered the Mandela Day Marathon, 21.1km… this means I have training to do, so tomorrow I am aiming for a 8km cardio morning prior to the workout. I mean, a man must have #goals, not so?

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