2015 and what to expect

IT’S 2015, people. Have you made any new year resolutions?

Would you like to host a house concert?

It’s very simple: you invite your friends to your home, and we come and perform the concert to you and your friends, in the comfort of your home.


Behind the Song: Open Air

‘Open Air’ was scribed on the top bunk of a backpackers in central Barcelona, late in the evening.

On The Edge, Ryan Calder Band

Buy ‘On The Edge’

The RCB album – On The Edge – available here!

Recent News


The RCB at the Knoll

WE did it. After months… nay!… years of writing and recording.. we areĀ puttingĀ on a show. But not just any show! And not just for the sake of it either… this, people, is going to be one of those SPECIAL moments. Like, VERY special. Here’s the plan: 1. You bring a picnic blanket and picnic basket […]

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‘Open Air’ available for download!

THE time has arrived. The Great Deep is available for pre-order. The first track, called Open Air, has been made available for purchase. During the rest of this year, we will be releasing the songs steadily as they are complete, and they form part of this brand new album. If you want the songs as […]

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What the RCB does online

SO you’re new to the RCB… or relatively new… and you’ve probably picked up that we do a lot of our communicating online. There’s two fundamental things you should know. There’s this website, which you are currently on. And then there’s this website.. The one you are reading from now (ryancalder.co.za) is about the band […]

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Behind the Lyric Video: Open Air

The concept behind the lyric video for Open Air was fairly simple. My kids are avid painters and artists, and we seem to acquire an unending pile of paper in various drawers, tabletops and corners of our home. The best use for them? Scanned and inverted, and hey presto! The backdrop to the lyrics!

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Calder baby no. 3

ON Monday 10 February, we welcomed Zoe Faith Calder. Weighing in at 3.68kg and sporting a mop of black hair.

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2014 is the time

IT has been a long haul, has the last 14 months. New jobs, various movements of band members, career changes all round, growing families… Many things have changed. I play less golf. I tell far more outrageous bed-time stories. My skin sees sunlight during the day, despite playing less golf. My wife is pregnant, for […]

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RCB Duo Tour Blog #6

THERE’S always a light in a dark place… you just have to know where to find it. Having gone flat out over the previous six days, it was time to carry on going flat out. A morning run (on my own this time) was followed by a hearty breakfast and then various admin jobs – […]

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RCB Duo Tour Blog #5

…before you could blink over 30 people arrived and were crammed into my folks’ lounge.

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RCB Duo Tour Blog #4

I spent most of the trip driving… lost in my own thoughts, admiring the beautiful countryside, listening to Frank Sinatra…

RCB Duo Tour Blog #3

IT was difficult not to drive off the road. The scenery was just so beautifully distracting. But I’m getting ahead […]

RCB Duo Tour Blog #2

BEING on the road is very cool. But only if you’re on a very cool road. If you’re on a […]

RCB Duo Tour Blog #1

Our quest sees us visiting restaurants, radio stations, churches, clubs and houses. And a fair amount of beach.

New album ideas

“I hate my rhymes but hate everyone else’s more.” It’s one of those lines that’s remained with me from Linkin […]

September tour 2013

I SIMPLY cannot tell you how excited I am about the upcoming tour in September. The various members of the […]